Fredrik Thyden

With his curiosity Fredrik quickly understands complex processes and through his genuine will to deliver he is a positive force with his clients.

Fredrik is dedicated, most obvious in a dialogue with the team around solving problems, he wants to sort out all the details to define a good test methodology to reach the highest quality standard. He quickly understands complicated test processes to find the best solutions, he is an easygoing person to collaborate with, creating a good atmosphere in the team. Fredrik has a genuine will to deliver and his background makes him reliable in the processes he needs to understand.

Fredrik has a wide experience, is both thorough and calm, leaves no stones unturned and makes the necessary contacts to solve the problems. He is curious and keen to learn, he wants the job done and when looking for the most effective solutions, he asks for advice from more experienced colleagues to reach the best results – which is truly appreciated. Fredrik has a professional attitude, he can always be trusted and he is a positive force working with his clients.