Joakim Siegers

With his thoroughness, humility, and ambition to do everything for his clients, Joakim inspires to seek new solutions and delivers beyond expectations.

Joakim is most dedicated and inspires trust by always delivering what is promised and often also beyond expectations. He is very thorough with details with the goal in focus and has a transparent dialogue about the final results. Joakim takes the initiative to improvements, he takes on responsibility and inspires his clients to think in new ways to come up with the very best solutions. He is curious about new approaches and strives for new knowledge which he gladly shares with others.

Joakim is a talented consultant in the area of test and payment systems, with experience from huge and complex projects and he wants to do everything for his clients. He is easy to collaborate with, has a positive attitude, is extrovert and always loyal to both the project and his client. With his humble ways and the professional approach he quickly grasps his client’s needs and business. He likes to be challenged, and with his whole-hearted ambition, he explores new solutions.