Johan Agerblad


With his dedication and creativity combined with structure and focus Johan secures cost-effective solutions and takes his projects all the way.

Johan is dedicated with a sense of responsibility, he works purposefully and puts forward his suggestions and ideas which he implements with great results. He is committed to what he is doing and is a driven DB technician who always puts his client in focus and secures cost-effective solutions. Johan has a holistic perspective, always thinks one step further than just solving the tasks at hand. He takes his projects all the way with high-quality deliveries.

Johan loves his work, he brings forward solutions and makes them simple and easy to administer and always delivers his knowledge to the users. He is energetic, has a positive attitude, is easy going and curious and inspires every day with his approach. Johan combines his creativity with the structure that makes his projects successful. He keeps calm in stressful situations, he is direct and transparent in his communication and builds lasting relationships.