Per Schögarne

With his focus on solutions, his unique experience, and rapid analytical skills Per is solving what others see as impossible.

Per is dedicated to his job and always wants the final results will be excellent. He is curious with a proactive attitude, and his commitment is obvious when it comes to problem-solving and extensive analyses. Per is thorough with his focus on the solution even if the task seems impossible. He is easy to collaborate with, most competent and you can always trust that Per delivers what he has promised with a high-quality standard and he always brings forward if there is a problem.

Per is driven and versatile with a genuine understanding of processes and systems, and he has a holistic view. He has a high level of ambition, rapid analytical skills and he wants to make a difference with his effective solutions. Per wants to feel proud of what is produced, and he contributes to a positive atmosphere in the company with initiates good results. As a developer, he has a unique experience in test and shows that most things are possible when it comes to technical challenges.